Beloved companion

I do have a patient model at home who has helped me figure out some of the basics on my Nikon D40 just by laying there and looking all confused (or tired), wondering why I'm looking at him through a big black box all the time which sounds "click click click" occasionally. After endless shots on my beloved companion I decided that I needed to point my camera at something else for a change.

I wanted to try a close-up shot but I had trouble coming up with an idea of a good object, so I put down the camera and went looking for the headphones to my cellular phone instead. I found them lying in a drawer next to my bed and in the back of it I saw something glimmer in the light. It could be the object I was looking for so I reached for it and found an old necklace, which had a heart and a tiny key attached to it. It looked interesting so I brought it to the kitchen sink so I could have some better light on it. I tried to make the necklace look even more interesting by shaping the chain that goes around the neck to something that would make a nice set-up. When I had found an appearance I liked I started to take pictures of it and you can see the result down below.

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snygg bild :D:D //ang