Family day at Grönalund

Yesterday my family and I had a great day at the amusement park Grönalund here in Stockholm. The plans were that we would start the visit with a pentathlon, which everybody would participate in. The nine of us (family plus two girlfriends) were split up in to two teams that would compete against each other in 5 different sports. The pentathlon was a lot of fun and we all showed tremendous fighting spirit, the youngest of us even set a daily high score on one of the sports.

In the middle of the pentathlon, when I was shooting soft balls on the teeth's of a witch, a photographer from Grönalund came up to me and asked if he could take a couple of shots on me while I was shooting. I said yes, and he got ready to shoot while I was loading the soft balls in to the gun. When I started to run out of balls he said to the guy who worked in the booth to give me some more balls and reset the teeth's on the witch, so he could take some more photographs. I think we did the same procedure 5-7 times before I had to go, the rest of the group were all waiting behind me. As a reward for being a model for him I got the bracelet shown below - giving me free access to all the rides in the amusement park.

When I started the day at Grönalund I hadn't planned to go on many of the rides so I hadn't bought myself a bracelet like the others had, but with the new bracelet that was given to me I took full advantage of the free access and went on as many rides as possible. I tried all three of the available roller coasters, Fritt fall (they slowly pull you up on an 80 meter high tower, let you sit up there for a couple of seconds before they release your seat, which drops down with the speed of 100 km/h and let you experience a free fall), Katapulten (almost the same as Fritt fall but only 50 meters high and it starts of by launching you straight up the tower and then you bounce up and down two times before they end the run with a free fall from the top).

After a wonderful day filled with joy at Grönalund we ended the visit with a last ride on Katapulten - Then we went back to Gamla stan, Stockholm by boat from Djurgården.

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